Because There Must Be a Beginning

img_3391Like all journeys, there’s a jumping off, or starting point. As there is with this journey, the one I am going to take you on. But what gets left behind occasionally is the how comes, the whys, the explanations, ahhhh the prequel. The reason for the journey. I suppose I am getting a bit ahead of myself, and in doing so, am tangling these words all together.

I have been in the blogging world for the last five years, and spent my whole life writing. My writing doesn’t define me, but it does however, free me. I started blogging 5 years ago when I was going through a separation and didn’t want to continuously vent to family members. My blog was called Xanax or Running Shoes. Because for me, it was a daily choice, and trust me, the running shoes did not always win out.

img_3481As the last five years went by, the marriage patched itself, fell apart, patched itself, and then eventually became too much mental stress for me to handle. As I begin new chapters of my life, I felt it necessary to start fresh. Begin anew. Give myself space to write words that inspired me to the core.

img_3390I am, if nothing else, a survivor. I have the ability to stand up, dust myself off… and keep going. I have scars. Mental. Physical. Hypothetical. But they make me, me. So, I’m ok with that.

I am aware that I just started a blog with a bunch of inspirational pics and one of me looking like I might not be completely sold on the whole idea, but that about sums it up pretty damn good. There’s a lot of good in my life. And there’s a lot of change on the horizon. Let’s fucking do this. Welcome to Jameson & Vinyl. Kick back, it’s sure to get crazy.

3 thoughts on “Because There Must Be a Beginning

  1. I haven’t written much publicly these past few years, but I still journal privately. I’ve always enjoyed reading you and look forward to sitting back and enjoying this new adventure you’re embarking on. And if you are willing, feel free to pass along the occasional Jameson or Xanax – I’d ask for the running shoes, but I don’t think they’ll fit…

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    • Phil, I am thrilled that you are coming along with me, I think I am off to some great new places! I would never try to share the running shoes… they cramp almost everyone’s style. But I will pour you a Jameson anytime dear friend!


    • Phil, I do believe if we ever got to share a bottle of Jameson we would be in fits of hysteric laughter and tall tales of wondrous adventures. Maybe even a few true stories thrown in just to make us question things! I am glad you are still following along!


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