Just a Little Patience

The way a moment captures in your mind and sticks to a smell, a song, a color… might be the most amazing thing about life. When it attaches, it also… somehow… magnifies it. Blows it up into something that lives on, forever. The way your eyes dance in the moonlight reflecting my smile back at me. The way salt sticks to your skin from the Gulf of Mexico and leaves traces in each kiss. The way angry words tear through raindrops and shatter on the windshield, lost in moments you can’t take back. The way innocence is maintained by soft bird chirps through the dawn. I’m starving for you. The blood in the water is thick. You’re hungry for me. I cannot swim. Jump inside the ocean of my mind and save me. I wake to find I’m safe and sound, your breathing soft beside me. Just a dream. Just a dream. Another night to haunt me. Dear sunshine, please bring the dawn. 

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