Counting Crows 

I’m too rowdy to sleep or sit still. Tonight was fucking amazing for me. I felt like something changed in me… getting to see THE Counting Crows raw and Matchbox 20 together is something I can’t put words to. These are the two bands that have had the most impact on my life for as long as I can remember loving music. I watched them last night in Birmingham. In the rain. Through the onslaught of emotions I have going on in my life currently. Adam Duritz took me somewhere I don’t think I ever could have gone alone. Watching him was such a rush for Me. I cried. I laughed. I cried some more. I stood in awe. My body kind of half aware of what was happening to the rest of me. As I stood there in the rain. In the second row. Not 15 feet from Adam Duritz. Moments where his eyes were closed. Then glancing at me. Because not only was I in the 2nd row in the rain, I was relatively alone. The rain had moved most of the crowd to seek dryer ground. But not me. And it was kind of surreal. Just him and me and Round Here. Fucking no goddamn way this is happening. Just wow. And as it was happening I found myself looking for someone to tell, to share it with… and then I just stopped. I put my phone away. Stopped looking to share the moment with anyone other than me and I just soaked it through. I was just there. Listening to Adam sing to me about the girl on the car in the Parking lot. My mind absorbing every tiny detail. After the down pour, people came back to their seats and I wasn’t alone anymore. But for just a little while, I was. Maybe I’m the girl in the parking lot. I’m more than just a little misunderstood.  I got some Amazing pictures. I feel like I dreamt it all. 

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