4 Sleeps and You

I need to sleep. I can feel it heavy on my eyes. But there’s something else. Something with a bluesy beat making my hips move. Something with some soul, pulling my mind to you. Once again there are lyrics flying through my mind in colors so vivid I can see them with my eyes closed and head tilted back. My body is waiting just to touch you. I’ve been in such a fog without you. But I’ve been ok too. I’ve been mad also. Lonely. Crying. Happy. That’s something our love has done for me, awoken me.  I feel all things. I am dancing; slow, tormenting circles around you. I can feel your gaze, it’s wild and greedy. But you stay put and let yourself suffer just to watch. I sip my Jameson straight tonight. The music sounds like a night in Memphis; little tiny ass bar, with an ancient, frail black man wailing out the blues as if he had only ever lost in love. Maybe he had. But his heartache and the longing of the guitar are just enough to make me leave our table, I don’t know why the ache in his voice makes me need to dance. The music is swallowing us and transporting us to our own cloud, a thousand feet above. There’s no one else here. 4 sleeps. I will see you again in 4 days. It’s been so long. There’s a record store on the corner. You buy the vinyl. You write the date inside for me and a note. 4 sleeps. I need to sleep. I can feel it, heavy on my eyes.

Devil Blues Come Fly with Me

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